Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mission Statement

Hello! If you've found this blog, then welcome! Perhaps you've gotten here through our sister site, the Gowanus Rotisserie Baseball Gazette, or perhaps you just love racing, much like me. No matter. This is going to be an occasional blog, with updates hopefully a few times a week, with the variables being work, life, and whether or not they're racing at Aqueduct. (Hint: if they are, it'll be less often.)

So who am I? I'm a New Yorker with a big interest in thoroughbred racing from all angles. But I'm not going to be thorough and comprehensive about the news that's going on in racing; Alan does such a tremendous job of that, it'd be stupid to replicate his work. Instead, I'm looking to focus on a few areas of racing, such as....
  • Stakes racing in general, with a huge emphasis on the New York circuit. I love all types of races, but I'm by far the best at analyzing and deciphering better horses, so we'll get into a lot of that here.
  • New York racing as it pertains to the racetrack, and less so to the business/financial aspects.
  • Discussion of betting methods for players out there that want to hit the track with more than $20 but less than $200, and aren't interested in the Dave Litfin approach of saving it up for one leg.
  • Full discussion and analysis of big days at the track and the Saratoga meet specifically. There's nothing better than Saratoga.
  • Snark, criticism, observations and thoughts regarding the oddities and silly people in racing and moronic observations you see made on a daily basis, be it from a trainer or the Daily Racing Form. If you haven't seen our GRBG work, that's roughly what we're looking at here.
  • Updates and looks at all the divisions in racing, with thoughts on where we're headed in the Breeders Cup.
  • And last, some research projects from time to time into various ideas and debunking (or proving) myths.
So buckle up and let's have some fun. Comments and thoughts are welcome, as is criticism--I'm not an expert by any stretch, just a guy who loves racing and has opinions that are as baseless as the next guy. (Well, okay, hopefully a little more soundly based.) Coming up soon: thoughts on Saratoga before the meet starts.

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