Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pick Six Experiment--Pass on 1/16

Well, two runs through today's card yielded Pick Six plays that were at their cheapest $2400. That seemed stupid. Let's hold off for another day.


Anonymous said...

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randy said...

p6 for the small del mar carryover (140k) for 8/6, i liked this since i found a couple singles to keep the cost down... starting with r3

$162 ticket. couple solid looking longshots, the 6 horse in the 5th (10/1), 7 horse in the 6th (8/1), and the 8 horse in the 7th (8/1).

still hoping for a nice carryover at the spa to get really excited. but this should be at least a nice happy hour activity if my single to kick it off comes through...